From Ken Banta and Orlan Boston at Harvard Business Review:

“Amit Paley spent the first seven years of his career as a reporter for the Washington Post. While he put in long hours and did stints in war zones in the Middle East, he also made time to serve on the board of his alma mater’s newspaper, where he could help aspiring journalists and learn how nonprofits worked. After leaving the Post and attending business school, Paley joined McKinsey as a consultant—another demanding job. But again, he made it a priority to volunteer, this time staffing nighttime and weekend phone lines for the Trevor Project, an organization that works to prevent suicides among LGBTQ youth. Eventually he joined its board (full disclosure: one of us also serves on it), which gave him exposure to the operational and financial challenges of such groups and inspired him to get more involved in McKinsey’s nonprofit work. This virtuous cycle eventually culminated in his being named CEO of the Trevor Project in 2017. “By investing my time outside work in things I was passionate about, I learned things that made me better at my job,” Paley explains. “Those experiences also prepared me for future leadership roles that I didn’t know I would have.”

That’s the power of strategically taking on extra jobs outside your organization.”

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