May 22, 2020     |     GPS | Progress Through Poise
With doors re-opening, we expect economic activity to increase but are unconvinced about a prospering economy through the remainder of the year.

May 9, 2020     |     Breaking Habits
During this challenging health climate, MAP has taken advantage of the last six weeks to truly reflect and reassess what matters to us most.

April 10, 2020     |     MAP Q&A | Our Thoughts
We present you with our perspective on some of the questions we have come upon over the last month in regard to the current situation.

March 27, 2020     |     The US Stimulus Package in Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak
The US House of Representatives approved a $2.2 trillion stimulus package to help businesses and people manage the coronavirus pandemic.

March 20, 2020     |     MAP Strategic Office Update
California have issued a “Stay at home” order to prevent further transmission of Coronavirus.

March 13, 2020     |     MAP Continuity and Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak
In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we want to reach out and provide an update on how we are handling the situation to offer some guidance and support.

March 11, 2020     |     MAP Market Perspective
Naturally, people tend to process risk in one of two ways; either fearing the unknown or embracing the opportunity.